Guyana: I can’t stop loving you

Guyana: I can’t stop loving you

Dear Editor,
I am a music lover and when I listen to the song “I can’t stop loving you” composed and written in 1957 by country singer Don Gibson in 1957, I remember my days living at Perth Village, Mahaicony among mostly Afro Guyanese looking out for and protecting one another. Those were the days when we attended Sunday school at the small Pilgrim Holiness Church pastored by Brother Waldron. We catch fish with our bare hands, shared out of love, climb the tallest coconut tree for fun but after our country gained independence, some of our own people decided to destroy that culture of genuine love and successfully turned us against one another for their own selfish reasons and we were and are still stupid enough to allow wicked fellow Guyanese to use us as sheep for the slaughter for their own satisfaction.

I look at how we have navigated to becoming an embarrassment to our maker, but God is not to be blamed because as the wise king Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 7: 10: “This is what I found. God has made mankind upright, but men have gone in search of many schemes.” As a result we have embraced different movements organized by well-educated wicked people who successfully provide their own narrative to indoctrinate us to believe that one race is superior than the other and now we are at a stage where we have started to despise one another to our own destruction.

Can you believe that God has blessed us with gold, timber, bauxite, rice, oil and the most hospitable people on the planet earth and now we are so ungrateful to almighty God that instead of exploiting these resources for our benefit we are fighting over our country’s wealth and have turn against one another destroying ourselves and country?

When I read Dominic Gaskin’s recent post I felt the passion in the words “for God’s sake” which indicates to me that he is warning all of us of the consequences of sleeping during this critical time of our nation. Gaskin’s post is the reason for my contribution because I fully support his passion to save our nation from sure destruction unless we change our ways and refuse to be influenced by those who have their own axe to grind and goal to accomplish.

God has blessed Guyanese with great intelligence, and we should not allow ourselves to be manipulated by others but to reason out the facts and make our own determination based on truth and for that reason. I pledge loyalty to no man or political party and I will never advocate an Afro Guyanese Government nor an Indo Guyanese Government but a Government that is elected by the those of us who voted on March 2nd 2020. I compliment those who fearlessly and passionately embrace love for country and are willing to risk the consequences of speaking the truth.

We all know those who have willfully placed our country in limbo since our election. We are fully aware that they have hatched a plan knowing the pain that is being imposed on us. I hate or despise no one but I pray that they will accept the folly of their ways, repent and willingly reverse their course for if they refuse to release their grip on our country God says in Proverbs 29:1: “ Anyone who remains stiff necked or stubborn after many rebukes will suddenly be cut off without remedy.” I again repeat that I wish harm to no one, but it behooves each offender to seriously take God’s warning. God has given me a solid and unshakable love for Guyana and divorce is never an option. Guyana, “I can’t stop loving you” and I want every Guyanese to join me in protecting the resources that God has put into our care and resist anyone or thing that attempts to rob us of His blessing. We are One people.

Harold Beharry

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