Guyana has been held hostage for far too long

Guyana has been held hostage for far too long

Dear Editor,

Many Guyanese are calling for help from the religious body here and abroad; we are calling on the Carter Center, OAS, CARICOM, the EU and whoever can help because we want an end to the elections process. Some people are starving due to this pandemic, along with the pressure of the election process. People are confused and are doing just about anything to provide for their family – there are no jobs for some and therefore no money and no food. Some people are sick and are unable to pay for private transportation to go to the hospital and get medication because they are afraid to travel with public transportation.

We are like Noah in the ark; we don’t know where we are going because we don’t have a rightfully elected government in place. On March 2, Guyanese went to the polls to cast our votes. This was over a hundred days ago and still we cannot have a president sworn in. The coalition is fighting to remain in power and everyday there are new lies. It is as if they do not care that people are suffering and how long they have been suffering. The message, it would seem, is quite clear: the coalition is saying to the people in Guyana “if they win they win, and if they lose they still win” and no other party can win an election in this country unless they agree to that. It is clear, this is not about democracy or the people’s right; it is about the coalition staying in power.

We, as a nation, must pray for help from God if no one else will help us out of this crisis. God is fair and just and no weapon that is formed against truth, fairness and justice shall prosper.

Ms. Merlin Williams

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