Guyana flag was in the correct place

Guyana flag was in the correct place

Dear Editor,

It was with great pleasure that I recently saw a report and pictures in the print media in relation to the historic signing of the Open Skies – Air Services  Agreement between Guyana and Suriname. I was delighted to note that the flag of Guyana was positioned in its rightful place, that is to say it was on the right of the flag of our eastern neighbour. This was reflected in photographs taken in and out of the Pegasus Hotel. It was a vast contrast with what took place a few months ago at Moleson Creek during a ceremony for the proposed construction of the Guyana-Suriname River Bridge across the Corentyne River, where images emerged showing the Golden Arrowhead incorrectly  flying on the left of the flag of Suriname which I alluded to in a letter to the editor.

Cheers. Congratulations to those who got it right this time. Let us continue to respect our Symbols of Nationhood.

Yours faithfully,

Clinton Conway

Assistant Commissioner of Police (Retired)

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