Guyana cannot countenance a return to dictatorship

Guyana cannot countenance a return to dictatorship

Dear Editor,
As we await a ruling from the CCJ, there is little dispute in the minds of Guyanese that the National Recount delivered valid votes which satisfied the criteria established by GECOM for the process of counting votes. However, there seems to be a clear intent by stiff-necked individuals within the coalition who do not understand that dictatorships don’t work in the best interests of citizens, that Guyana will not concede to another dictatorship, which will only bring destruction and mayhem to our way of life, and jeopardise the future of our children.

These clearly deficient members only emphasise why they cannot remain in Government, and need to be made to understand that they have no place, and will not be tolerated in office after losing the March 2020 elections.
The Guyana Police Force and the Army should know that the coalition is intent on pushing Guyana back into dictatorship. They are urged to provide the necessary support to the Guyana Elections Commission in defence of our democracy. All Civil Society organisations are also urged to condemn David Granger, the coalition and what is transpiring at the Guyana Elections Commission.

Justice Claudette Singh must know that she has Guyana’s support in doing what needs to be done sooner than later to ensure that Guyana does not slip into dictatorship again. The result of the recount is the only set of valid votes which reflects the will of the people at the March 2020 elections. As a leader, decisions sometimes have to be made in which all criteria for making them cannot be met. The current impasse which confronts the GECOM Chair is such, and she needs to move without delay to ensure that the results of the recount are officially declared as soon as possible, in my opinion, even prior to any judgment by the CCJ.

There seems little doubt now that the Chief Elections Officer will not deviate from his chosen path, so for the final results to be produced, he will at the very least have to be suspended to have someone perform this function. I am, however, of the opinion that with the first draft of the report available to her, the GECOM Chair has enough information from which to make an official declaration if she so chooses.

After officially advising Commissioners of the requirement at a meeting to make this declaration, she can proceed to declare the results even in the absence of any of these Commissioners, since it is now obvious that even this measure will be used to stop the official declaration of the results by GECOM. As of 15 or 17 days after the elections, I think it is, Guyana has been without a legitimate President, and Government. It is imperative that GECOM act to officially declare the results of the recount.

With regards,
Craig Sylvester

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