Grateful for Digicel entry into South Rupununi but service recently has been poor

Grateful for Digicel entry into South Rupununi but service recently has been poor

Dear Editor,

It is with great dissatisfaction that I pen this note, to highlight communication issues that we are currently experiencing in the South Rupununi. Foremost, I thank Digicel Guyana, for rendering its services to the peoples of the South Rupununi. It has been a good initiative by the company, providing connection between far flung villages and the wider area.

To provide the readers with a better understanding of the problem, let me explain the nature of the issue:
Digicel has its main (only) tower installed in Aishalton, the main village of the South Rupununi. Other villages, some which extend approximately 30 miles from Aishalton, have been previously connected to the network. Since being upgraded about a year ago (to be able to provide 4G internet services) some of these communities were unfortunately disconnected.
While this initiative has its merits, editor, I must highlight a few disappointing struggles that we endure daily, namely:
i. We are mandatorily paying for 4G mobile internet services, however for most of the day (at Aishalton) we have no choice but to accept the meager internet service that is offered to us. With this type of service, the exchange of media is a struggle, and even more so, it is almost impossible to stream videos.
ii. Since being upgraded to provide 4G services, other previously connected villages have now been unfortunately disconnected from the network.
iii. For those other villages that are still connected, the internet services provided is a total farce. It is almost impractical to exchange WhatsApp messages, and even more so, media.

This is a common issue shared among all users of this particular area, which I know for certain is unfair; it’s simply paying for poor service. This situation is placing those who rely on the use of this internet service, at a great disadvantage. I soon hope that we can have better and improved connection services at least in the connected villages.
Yours truly,
Immaculata Casimero

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