Granger resisted Ramjattan until the ninth hour

Granger resisted Ramjattan until the ninth hour

Dear Editor,
It must also be noted that this is a party that touts “social cohesion” and that love and unity theme – there is a Ministry designated for that purpose – however, while there is this façade, one wonders where they can find that “cohesion,” or the blending of the races. This is their curse, this is their bane, a party that says one thing but does quite the opposite.
While on this topic, I must make mention of that infamous statement made by the leader of the main coalition partner, the PNC’s Volda Lawrence, she was publicly quoted as saying she only “caters for PNC people and will find jobs for PNC people alone”. This was and still is a loaded statement, because she was publicly announcing her disdain for Indians while embracing “people or persons like herself”. This statement reeks of racism and speaks to the direct contempt for the race!

But my sternest rebuke goes to the heart of the matter and that is Granger’s defiance of Khemraj Ramjattan as prime ministerial candidate. Granger withstood Ramjattan until the ninth hour when the folly of his ways hit home. Why did he stand against Ramjattan’s nomination is anyone’s guess. Is it because he is an Indian and not a single Indian in that coalition can be trusted by him? And so it has been ever since, Indians are treated with disdain or if ever to be “yes men”, never to question the brainless, spineless nonsense of their Black superiors. This is something those Indians within and without the party should take keen note of.
So, when Harmon opened his uncultured and uneducated mouth to make that derogatory remark of Mr Phillips, he should shut up and take an introspection as to who that statement was referring to.

Neil Adams


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