Granger must concede and allow country to move on

Granger must concede and allow country to move on

Dear Editor,
Guyana has endured enough of the PNC, APNU/AFC‘s scams, treacheries and downright fraudulence for too long. There has been no let-up since the successful passing of the No-Confidence Motion on December 21, 2018, against the Granger-led Administration.

After first accepting that the Government had fallen, we have since witnessed the back-peddling with their erroneous schemes to remain in Government illegally. Court battles ensued, non-stop litigation with the deliberate distortion of the age-old math formula and extreme misrepresentations of court orders and the Guyana Constitution.
The people have been made to suffer the relentless bombardment of Granger’s duplicitous narratives and absurdities. He barefacedly repeats his melodramatic chorus and injudiciousness in all his speeches, that he has never gone outside of the Constitution, always abided by the rulings of the court, never interfered with the work of the GECOM etc, insulting the intelligence of the Guyanese people.

Mr Granger cited Caricom as the “most legitimate interlocutor” to observe the GECOM National Recount and demanded that GECOM take into account the Caricom team’s report. Well, the Caricom team’s report certified the elections to be fair and credible and labelled the allegations by the APNU/AFC to be false and unsubstantiated. It went further to point out that the APNU/AFC Agents at the National Recount were collectively on a fishing expedition in relation to their unproven lengthy objections. It was all time-wasting and aimed at dragging out the process.

The PNC, APNU/AFC together with their intellectual backers by their own doing have descended into demonic plagues. Together they need to knock into their heads that PPP/C did not run the 2020 General and Regional Elections, it was GECOM with their man at the helm, Mr Keith Lowenfield. Suffice it to say that the President-elect, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s Government will not get involved with which hunting but public officers like Lowenfield, Myers, Mingo and the others must face the full force of the law so that Guyana will never again be shackled with electoral fraud.
Every Guyanese at home and in the diaspora, Caricom and the international community has had enough of the Granger-led PNC, APNU/AFC cabal unrelenting attempts to steal the March 2, 2020 elections.

People’s lives matter, not race-baiting and blatant lying to the support base by the PNC to have them incensed. The PNC, APNU/AFC cabal fully well knows that they lost the elections. Mr Granger needs to cut the crap; the coalition is crumbling. He needs to do the honourable thing, take the decent road and bow out humbly. Do not be stubborn, stop hurting the very people he claims to stand for. Put the people first, not his narrow-minded scheming wicked cabal using every conceivable avenue to hijack the elections of March 2, 2020, and thwart the will of the people.

Tell them the truth, the PPP/C won the elections handsomely by in excess of 15,000 votes. Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali is the legitimate President. Granger must concede and let the country move forward with dignity; the unshakable dream of every single Guyanese. Give it up and focus his party’s attention towards 2025

The pomposity and the buoyancy with which the PNC, APNU/AFC actors and their racially-charged intellectual backers and other sympathisers divulge their wicked intentions in the public domain is most chilling. With the final legal battle in the hands of the CCJ, their options to remain illegally in Government has been vastly minimised and like a cornered lion, the outlook seems very, very ominous. Let us all continue to pray for Guyana, there is peace beyond the horizon.

Parasram Persaud

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