Granger continues to splurge taxpayers’ money while Guyanese suffer

Granger continues to splurge taxpayers’ money while Guyanese suffer

Dear Editor,
President David Granger, I saw from media reports, had a celebration at the State House on the occasion of his 75th birthday. It seemed Mr Granger, as usual, had a jolly good time. From the pictures that appeared, Mr Granger had cake, glee and well-wishers. I saw him take on the role of musical conductor as he seemingly danced away while his audience watched on.

His celebration, however, is yet another tangible demonstration of how he and his administration are really pulling away from the plight of the ordinary man and woman. While Granger and clique enjoyed themselves on the sweat of the taxpayers, we have quite a number of Guyanese who stare at empty cupboards and bare kitchens, and face hard times.

There has been an upsurge in petty crime as Guyanese have nowhere else to turn while Granger and company dine in style. While they have wine, some don’t even have water. While Mr Granger receives gifts, Guyanese are made to punish under his administration.
Is this Mr Granger’s ‘Good Life?’

But, as we all know, the Creator doesn’t come, but He sends. And He didn’t forget Mr Granger on his special day. The President received several others gifts, presents I don’t think he expected or wanted. Indeed, his tyrannical rule has not gone unnoticed. For his birthday, the most powerful nations in the world have told him and colleagues they are no longer welcome, and he should heed his own advice and do the decent and honest thing and step aside.
It reminds me that when your ears hard you do feel, and Mr Granger is certainly feeling it.

Yours faithfully,
Liebert Alleyne

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