Granger and others must go

Granger and others must go

Dear Editor,

Mr. Granger, Mr. Ramjattan and the 40 or so other leaders of the APNU and the AFC Coalition must Apologise Profusely to our Nation and Go.
I have come from seeing Mr. Timothy Jonas speaking about what Mr. Granger, Mr. Imran Khan and the (40 or so) other leaders and leading people in the APNU/AFC Coalition would face in going back to their people to tell them, “We told you wrong; we did not win, we lost.”

That the APNU-AFC Coalition lost is the truth, a truth that they knew as they misled their people, and that truth cannot be varnished, must not be varnished. It is true that Granger, Ramjattan and the other leaders and leading people are in an untenable position but it is of their own making. Their backs are against the wall – they put themselves and our whole nation there. To evidence their remorse to their supporters and to us all, fellow citizens of Guyana, and to set a stage for reaching out and reaching across, Granger and those who brought us to the brink of civil war, who required a dozen or so persons in GECOM to criminally, flagrantly and barefacedly to rework and declare bogus results in their favour and who by now would have been hiding, misplacing and destroying relevant documents, they (Granger, Ramjattan and the other 40 or so involved leaders and leading people) must apologise profusely to their followers and all of us. They must go, must resign, walk away and no longer impose themselves on people whose fears and insecurities they have been exploiting.

Samuel A. A. Hinds
Former Prime Minister and Former President

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