Granger and Jagdeo should meet urgently

Granger and Jagdeo should meet urgently

Dear Editor,

We are all proud Guyanese. We want our nation to become the Oil Dorado always promised since Independence. Guyana is on the cusp of huge wealth, but also on the abyss of disaster unless urgent action is taken by our nation’s political leaders.

We call on President David Granger and Opposition leader, Former President Bharat Jagdeo to

a.Meet without delay.

b.Start urgent discussions on the formation of a Government of National Purpose to be created  as soon as practical.

c.Draw a line under the bitter racial politics that has dogged Guyana for over six decades.

d.Agree a way forward on the 2020 General Election results. All international observers have pronounced that they lack credibility. That needs addressing. This is a matter for our politicians, not the courts.

e.Call on all Guyanese to move forward together in peace to ensure that all our people, irrespective of race and religion, benefit from the oil wealth and that we build a prosperous, harmonious and integrated nation. A true Oil Dorado.

f. Seek the mediation, if necessary, of our CARICOM family, as the Prime Minister of Barbados (current chairperson of CARICOM) has intimated.

Yours faithfully,

Clive Lloyd, Former West Indies cricket captain

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