Gov’t must protect animals from the fireworks horror

Gov’t must protect animals from the fireworks horror

Dear Editor,

The compelling letter by Maria Rodrigues, SN Dec 13/2020 `Please protect our animals from the scourge of firecrackers,’ underlines the worst danger of human cruelty to animals, in particular, dogs. This is from a segment of people who have no conscience for the sanctity of animal life.

There are pockets of society using firecrackers and squibs unleashing a stampede of terrified dogs running and scattering for a safe haven from docile hands igniting danger that scares and threatens frightened dogs to death. The trauma from these explosives is barbaric to the ears of animals and must end.

Editor, I plead and advocate to the government for the banning of firecrackers/squibs to end this cruel trauma to animals who are forced into insanity with ear hurting explosives. This loud popping aggravation causes severe anxiety on the sensitive ears of dogs in particular whose hearing frequency exceeds humans.

Is it not terrifying for dogs and other animals that are confined and trapped in pens and kennels to bear torment from firecrackers and squibs unleashed from a segment of insensitive people who can readily purchase this punishment to animals? Is it not frightening for dogs who lose all sense of conscience at the agonizing noise of explosives that sends them in an uncontrollable desperation to run farthest from distress?

Editor, if Guyana had a ban on firecrackers and squibs, why is it still being used? Why are the leaders not enforcing strict laws to forbid this agony to animals and menace to civil society? Why is the GPF not charging violators?

Yours faithfully,

Zenobia Williams

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