Give the Sharma Solomons, James Bonds, Ubraj Narines and Amanza Waltons a chance to lead

Give the Sharma Solomons, James Bonds, Ubraj Narines and Amanza Waltons a chance to lead

Dear Editor,

I reminisce on a time not so long ago during of the rule of the Coalition when calling a spade a spade made politicians in our own camp disliked us.
Though, I had to speak from a principled position reflecting the cries coming from the impoverished in our midst who made it possible, after 23 years in the political wilderness, to crush the PPP at the 2015 polls, the pain I felt from attacks by some local leaders, supporters and the dismissive silence from our ruling politicians caused me a degree of depression.

It is love coupled with maturity and understanding that caused me to continue my trod on the raggy road of Guyana politics. It is being comforted by the fact that if my voice could cause one child to escape physical and sexual abuse, one destitute family to find food on their table, one youth to put a gun down and be inspired to be a good citizen; my trod would continue with my shoulders erect and my head raised.
What concerns me today is our preponderance to shout that the 2020 elections were stolen from us. Even if we believe or are led to believe that is the reality, we must not slight the opportunity to treat as if that’s not the case. We are in opposition now.

The fight should not continue along a trajectory of ‘victory will be ours at the next elections’. I cannot put it nicely but if we are to have a chance of winning (and it is possible), we have to confront and ask some of our leaders hogging the opposition benches and sitting in Parliament and in the hierarchy of Party leadership to go home, equip themselves with a computer and mobile phone and be prepared to offer advice and guidance from the comforts of their living room.

We have to, rather now than later, be prepared to take the chance with the Sharma Raheem Solomons, James Bonds, Amanza Waltons, Ubraj Narines, et al, and the relentless fighters and younger strategists that gave us victory at the time when it was most needed.
It is my hope that we begin to look beyond loyalty to some who have crowned themselves leaders in the Party and commence the battle to defeat the Jagdeo’s, Ali’s, Phillips and Nandlall’s at the polls.
There are thousands of Indo-Guyanese who are not enamoured with them as much as thousands of Afro Guyanese who are no longer impressed by the Harmons, Ramjattans, Williams and Trotmans.
There is a space and golden opportunity to see a new PPP and new PNC that will charter the wealth and the people on a road to prosperity. Our every effort is to work assiduously to bring them to the fore.
I am reenergised and excited by the prospects.

Norman K. Browne
Political and social activist

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