GECOM will provide election results update via official website

GECOM will provide election results update via official website

The Guyana Elections Commission, (GECOM) will provide real time updates on the elections results via its official website.

During an Elections’ Day press briefing last evening, GECOM officials urged members of the media not to indulge in sensationalism of any stories as the voting tabulation continues.
“At this time, I would urge members of the media not to sensationalise any of their stories because at this time, we’re in a charged atmosphere, and so we have to be careful how we go about spreading stories.
“We must always verify our stories before we publish them. These things can escalate into mistrust, and even violence,” GECOM‘s Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield said.

Lowenfield noted that polling has concluded and counting is taking place.
“Our hope that it will conclude in good time to allow for statement of polls to be placed at conspicuous locations outside of polling stations across the spectrum across the country.

“Whether it’s concluded or not this evening, statements would be received by returning officers who will all commence a public verification process which includes public display of each statement in every district.
“That process will continue until all the statements for those particular districts are concluded.”

The CEO explained, “Once that is completed, Returning Officers will declare results in the respective districts. And the Deputy Returning Officers would have ensured that statements for CEOs are forwarded to his office.
“That is the process that will continue throughout the evening.” The tabulation process was likely to commence at about 22:00 hours last evening.

By noon today, all the Returning Officers should have their results for the respective districts.

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