GECOM must declare the real winner

GECOM must declare the real winner

Dear Editor,

Guyana has been at a standstill since the March 2 general elections. There have been reports of attempted fraud; these were exposed. The international community, domestic and foreign observers, diplomats, regional and international organizations, NGOs, and eminent persons have all condemned the attempted electoral fraud. The elections commission in Guyana (Gecom) will not be able to continue its path of perpetrating electoral fraud in Guyana. Gecom must do the right and honorable thing and declare the real, rightful winner of the elections. Recount the real, authentic SOPs for Region 4 and declare the winner. Failure to do so will result in very serious consequences for the country, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said last Tuesday.

It is time to “un-rig” the count of the Statements of Poll (SOPs) of Region 4 as carried out by Clairmont Mingo and certain staff at Gecom. Three times, Mingo announced counts and each time the number was different. President Granger, widely respected for his honesty, must insist Mingo and Gecom do the right thing by announcing the real election result to save Guyana from serious consequences as announced by Secretary of State Pompeo.

The real vote count is required. Regardless of who wins, let the country breathe a sigh of relief from stagnancy. A real count is urgently needed to save Guyana ‘face’ and prevent sanctions that will hurt everyone. Pompeo will levy serious consequences on those engaged in as well as the beneficiaries of rigging. Anyone sworn in from a fraudulent count of votes or appointed by such a leader will face sanctions. Pompeo says such a government will be illegitimate. Not only will the riggers and the staff at Gecom be targeted, so will those who are appointed by an illegal government.

Once America initiates actions, other nations generally follow. The officers, commissioners, Chair, staff of Gecom, Ministers, heads of agencies, Police Commissioner and their deputies and officers involved in the rigging, etc., will be in serious trouble if Gecom doesn’t act according to law and count every ballot and SOP.

Usually, when the US issues a warning of serious consequences, visas (not only for the culprits but their families also) will be cancelled. Assets will confiscated and or frozen and revenues due Guyana kept in escrow. Tourist visas for other Guyanese may also be suspended. Foreign aid will be cut. All pending agreements with Guyana will be suspended.

Furthermore, as happened in Venezuela, if an illegal government is sworn in, there can be a parallel government recognized by Western powers or a government in exile like the PLO can be formed. Why is Gecom putting the Guyanese nation through this stress? Why not simply do the honorable thing? That injunction to be heard on Friday will not save Guyana from sanctions. Only Gecom can save Guyana right now. Count the SOPs or recount all the legitimate votes! It is the right thing. It is the honorable thing!

The SOPs count by Mingo was not and is never going to be accepted by Guyanese and the world community. His behaviour goes against democratic principles. The international observers, diplomats and their home states have pronounced on Mingo’s rigging count. It is a high form of perfidy and shamelessness to attempt to pass this fraud right in front of credible onlookers. The United States will never accept it and the nation will pay for it. The country must brace for sanctions if Gecom does not reverse course.

Gecom officials are urged to please redeem your reputation by un-rigging the count. Do a proper, correct count of the SOPs and declare the winner.

Yours truly,
Dr. Vishnu Bisram

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