GECOM has to do better job on providing info to public

GECOM has to do better job on providing info to public

Dear Editor,

For democracy to stand GECOM cannot lose the battle for truth. Following media coverage on GECOM throughout the election cycle, but more particularly at this period of post voting controversy the public – domestic, regional and international – will benefit greatly from information emanating directly from the Commission. This is a given as GECOM has the constitutional mandate of responsibility for many of these processes which are under review by the external public.

As a workers’ representative and being personally concerned about the accuracy of non-GECOM information and its impact on the public about matters that GECOM has first-hand information of, I am calling on GECOM to provide this nation with a daily, or otherwise determined, convenient schedule of updates. Where necessary corrections of every bit of information that is placed in the public domain and can affect public confidence in the process should be addressed via all available media. Of note, GECOM’s Facebook account that can be an accessible source of information was addressed on the 2nd, 3rd and 17th only in the month of March when so many contentious issues have occurred.

GECOM does itself no well by remaining silent and being drowned in a tsunami of information put forward by sources that may not have a vested interest in supporting GECOM’s independence and ability to perform its constitutional duty without interference. In Stabroek News, the 20th March, 2020 it is insinuated in an article captioned `Six parties call for vote recount -urge protection of ballot boxes’ that the ballot boxes, particularly those of Region 4, are at risk of being compromised. In another article recently, state police guarding the boxes also surfaced as an issue of mistrust. These are just examples of the many areas of information that require clarification for they serve to undermine public trust and the credibility of this constitutional office.

GECOM is reminded that as often as information that threatens its public image, independence and credibility is made public, an immediate response becomes absolutely necessary, if the Commission’s public image and ability to perform its constitutional duty without external interference is to be upheld.  GECOM must take responsibility for disseminating information that will contribute to creating a post electoral communication environment driven by valid and credible facts. If democracy is to stand GECOM cannot afford to lose this battle to destroy its truth with information influencing public opinion against it.

Yours faithfully,

Lincoln Lewis

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