Gangster has stayed in the past

Gangster has stayed in the past

Dear Editor,
Is the history of the 1960s being repeated? Let’s rewind a little for our younger readers. March 2020 is nothing new to some of us. Our grandparents usually spoke about the election rigging, suspension of the constitution, fires, massacres, forces and frauds, etc.

With Guyana’s Election completed some 4 months ago, we are still awaiting a declared result from the GECOM Chair. Why such a long wait? All our international observers have reported a free and fair election, with District Four (4) being the battlefield as Mingo decided to declared a rigged result without tabulation.

As a result, a recount was requested for the district. Nevertheless, the Sanctimonious Gangster requested a National Recount to be done by a special team from Caricom. Our older folks were skeptical with CARICOM, because, thus far, everything transpiring is like deja vu. During the rigged election period of the 60s, 70s and even the 80s, Caricom was silent. They had paid the price when our Guyanese brothers and sisters ran away to the islands, taking away the islanders’ jobs.

Today, the world has changed and Caricom has moved on, but the Sanctimonious Gangster has stayed in the past. He thought he would have bought Mia Mottley with an award. Nevertheless, Ms. Mottley proved to the world that Caricom has leaders of today who are fighting for democracy, and she stood with the people of Guyana who are threatened by the Sanctimonious Gangster.

He needs to stop stifling our people by having his cohorts inflicting racism each day around our country. Guyana is ours, not Granger and his gang’s, who are greedy for power.
Caricom is a perfect example for our Guyanese brothers and sisters, showing how we should stick together for a better Guyana. The bashing from the APNU+AFC cabals on Caricom is being rejected by a wide cross-section of Guyanese. The Sanctimonious Gangster is destroying our international relationships by making Guyana stand alone. He reminds us of the period when Burnham banned importation of flour, peas, etc. The time when our parents stood up in lines.
We will fight for our democracy, and not be derailed by this Sanctimonious Gangster.

Georgieana George

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