From a younger perspective

From a younger perspective

Dear Editor,
As a 17-year-old student who has been keenly observing this elections fiasco unfold, I have realized that keeping a silent stance is not an option. It hurts and aggravates me to witness this truly pathetic but abhorrent debacle. Imagine, general and regional elections were held on March 2nd, and to this date, no official declaration of results was made.
Of course, we saw attempts being made, with “results” clearly lacking in credibility. That’s not my view alone; it is the view of the Commonwealth Observer Group (which has now withdrawn from Guyana) published on March 18th. In their statement, they clearly established that the tabulation processes conducted by the Returning Officer for Region 4, Clairmont Mingo, were not credible, transparent and inclusive.

Eventually, after all the obvious malpractice that occurred from March 3-14. Mr. Granger and Mr. Jagdeo agreed to a recount. This positive move welcomed CARICOM officials to oversee the recounting. But now it seems that this process has been blocked too, prompting the officials to depart from our land.

Moreover, we are heading on a one-way ticket to Venezuela. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has warned that there will be serious consequences for persons here engaged in electoral fraud and seeking to establish an illegitimate government. Clearly the sternest warning yet from the Trump administration, it should be enough to impose fear on those involved in the fraudulent electoral process.

Norway has now blocked Guyana from NOK 393 million in climate aid. Our image is, without doubt, deteriorating in the eyes of the world. Guyana has now approached the World Bank for US$5M to help in response to COVID-19. I wouldn’t be surprised if that plea is rejected.

Further, it is truly embarrassing to read about individuals protesting the recount outside GECOM’s Kingston HQ. Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley put it best when she said there are forces that do not want the votes to be counted.

Let me guess, she’s a PPP supporter as well? Like all the small parties, the OAS, the EU, Norway, France, the USA? I urge those individuals to wake up from their bias and see the truth. They must put their political differences aside and see that our elections are being hijacked, and that we will be plunged into darkness if those efforts are successful.

This is a country that I have vowed to serve. This is my homeland. I feel that, as a law-abiding citizen and as a student who intends to develop this country, it is my duty and my right to speak out about the grave injustices taking place. For if I stay silent, I would only be considered an enabler. This is the country in which I’d want to raise my children. Is this the kind of nation that they must grow up and witness?

A developing dictatorship? Am I seriously going to tell my grandchildren decades from now that this malarkey unfolded in my homeland and I stood by and watched? As democracy was raped? I say no. Democracy must be upheld. Righteousness must prevail. I am calling on President Granger to block those who compromised GECOM from tampering with the tabulation process. We are a beautiful nation, and we must prosper.

Yours truly,
Nikhil Sankar

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