For too long have we endured PNC bullyism

For too long have we endured PNC bullyism

Dear Editor,

Please allow me space in your paper to express my concern about March 2, 2020 election. For too long I have sat aside and not expressed my views.
Leading up to the Guyana election on March 2,2020, one would have seen blatant attempts to undermine democracy with the misunderstanding what is majority of 65, the unilateral appointment of Patterson. However, putting all of that aside you would have seen the rebirth of the PNC.
I was born in the year 1980, during the era of Burnham and growing up my Nanna was a strong PPP man; he would tell us stories of what he and my Nannie endured during the day of the PNC. My mother and father told us similar stores of the hardship meted out to them and I felt a little.

I can vividly recall my nanna telling me about when ballot boxes were being thrown into the Demerara River. These days are long gone but will never been forgotten. My nanna would tell us stores of when Dr. Jagan would come to our home in Vreed-en-Hoop. At the time my mom was a little girl and she would put a mala around him and he would say to her, “The days that we are facing now will all come to an end”.
For me it took too long for it to end for I remember my nanna going to Parika market, getting up at 4 am Sunday morning just to get a bus. He would go and pick up plantain, cassava and eddo or anything that was left by the vendors. My mom would put my big brother in line at the co-op just to get an ounce of butter, oil, soap, flour or whatever was available. Sometime you are there first but end up at the back of the line when the PNC people showed up.
I heard many people speak about fetching water for miles; I had done it for years. We never had portable water until 1996. I was sixteen then. For too long we have endured bullyism from the PNC – it has to end.
I am a Guyanese by birth and have friends of all races and have worked with all of them and never have I seen racism like what I have seen during election time in Guyana. We are on the verge of becoming the richest nation in the world. My people, put aside politics – there is a better life for all of us. We have seen who can manage and who mismanage.

At the end of the day, we will all become losers if we continue in the manner we do. One People, One nation, One Destiny.

Yours truly
Anand Gangdeen

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