Feasting at the taxpayers’ trough

Feasting at the taxpayers’ trough

Dear Editor,

It is said that time heals all wounds. I say, also, that in the fullness of time, all is revealed. This is precisely what came to light recently with citizens being enlightened of tens of millions of their taxpayers’ dollars spent on political and elections related court cases.
Right off the bat, I submit that that should never be. Find the money from the party’s treasury and spend it on what is of purely political priorities, and unrelated to governance or the national. I do not care which party is doing the spending, but it must not be from the pockets of the taxpayer. It is wrong. Having presented that, I now move into some of the details behind that lavish spending of the people’s money.

The details were about a couple of millions for this lawyer and some more for that one. The outsider – mercenaries on professional call are expected to bill smartly and collect sweetly; it is intrinsic to these mouthwatering big-ticket paydays; simply customary with the dough rolling in richly and part of the game. But the outsiders recruited are the least of my foci. The insiders, the supposedly loyal locals – are the ones I question about their devotion and fidelity. I look at them closely.

A few of them were not about political fervours or beliefs, but more. They were not anything about the principled or self-sacrificing patriotic contributions. They said they were about the party and its interests, the strengths of its positions, and the constitution. The only constitution they answered to, happened to be their own self-enriching one. Give me the money. They preened about this article and that one from that same constitution when, deep down, they were primarily about articles that incorporated themselves into authorized signatories over the people’s bank accounts. These were the leading lights, the so-called legal eagles, who flew low to scavenge and pick the people apart, while pontificating of the merits and the whole tawdry rest. Men are so cunning and cheap that a few millions would make them do anything.

These were among the ones who railed and ran to front to attack those exhorting the former president to retreat, to concede. Not a bit of it. They could not have that, with conceding being the dirtiest and most harmful word around and for one reason only. There would be no more of those frivolous and foolish court businesses. Put more nakedly, the gravy train and money train would dry up and ground to a halt. It was why some made spectacles of themselves, while showboating, grandstanding and hotdogging, as they tiptoed on air, and came out ranting and swinging. They swung straight at those few sensible and conscientious citizens, who were not of the party alone, but of country first.

The million-dollar billers swung at objectors and made fools of themselves, while collecting with greedy outstretched paws, with citizens footing the bill by paying through their furiously running noses. Their positions and actions were not what served the interests of the party, but themselves. Win, lose, or draw, they get to collect. It was about the money and much of it. The millions to be billed and had. They desired for the good times to continue, with no standing down. I may have done so, but not for a few measly million, not with where matters coalesced.

These guys are worse than cheap ambulance chasers, they are grave robbers. For when the party that they claim to love and serve was on the ropes and reeling, their biggest priority was lining their pockets. Pro bono is for dummies.

Editor, there is the record, $50M spent on the courts, and the biggest winners are those who collected on the taxpayers’ dime. If that is not a Ponzi scheme, then nothing is: take from the people and give to the professionals to keep the ball rolling. We should create a special national award for these lovely patriots.

GHK Lall

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