Exxon and Guyana’s wealth

Exxon and Guyana’s wealth

We have concluded a very pain staking and stressful election
And the new word in the air for everything is “renegotiation”
Turning to Exxon’s presence in Guyana
We have concluded that they are taking our wealth to America
We choose unqualified people to negotiate a deal
And now we are saying Exxon is walking away with a steal

Please stop blaming Exxon for everything that has happened
When we signed a contract that is nothing less than rotten
I think we should peacefully go back to the drawing board
But for heaven’s sake, don’t go there with a sword
We need to confess that we have made a big mistake
Giving Exxon almost the entire cake

Yes, with this contract Exxon probably took us for a ride
Therefore, we have to go back and ask them to work with us side by side
We understand and appreciate that Exxon invested a lot of money
But with this oil wealth, our country is looking for better financial security
No one is going to win if we continue with this kind of attack
But it will make a world of difference if Exxon agrees that we need a new contract

We know the bible says “there is life and death in the power of the tongue”
Exxon, you won but please don’t say to this lopsided contract we are bound
Exxon, please understand that we do not want a fight
But are simply asking you to do for Guyana what is right
God has blessed Guyana with wealth, and we want to be in this together
All we are asking for is a great relationship that will last forever.

By Harold Beharry

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