Extrapolating bias

Extrapolating bias

Dear Editor,
Given the obvious bias which exists within GECOM in Region Four in favour of APNU/AFC, readers can understand why they are resisting the recount of the votes of Region Four. Hypothetically, if that same bias extends across the country then the recount would yield more votes for the PPP/C.

Some evidence has already been seen to support this in one of the regions. GECOM/APNU/AFC is, therefore, going to resist the recount at all costs for it will expose Presiding Officers and other persons connected to the elections machinery. Of course, one can argue that there exists, persons who favour the Opposition parties too. Well, let us put all doubts to rest by proceeding with the recount.

We must never go into another election with GECOM as it is currently staffed or structured. Claudette Singh, Lowenfield, Meyers, Mingo, Yard and many others, yet to be identified, have committed fraud against Guyana and destroyed public confidence in GECOM. This entity must be dissolved and replaced. The recount will also provide the necessary ammunition to punish these shameless people.

The world is waiting and watching to see the final verifiable results from the recount which is being supervised by Caricom.

Ravi Ram

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