Evidence points to direct involvement by APNU/AFC members in GECOM’s operations

Evidence points to direct involvement by APNU/AFC members in GECOM’s operations

Dear Editor,
The complicity of certain GECOM staffers and officials of the APNU/AFC coalition – this is what has been causing the delays in finalising the results of the 2020 Elections and fraudulent declarations of results for Region Four on March 6 and March 13.
Yet, at a press briefing held on Saturday, March 14, the Co-Chair of the APNU/AFC campaign, Mr Joseph Harmon sought to defend the coalition against allegations of electoral fraud.

He sought to distance the coalition from GECOM, stating that they respect the independence of GECOM and that no fingers have been pointed at the APNU/AFC coalition with regards to electoral fraud and interference with the independence of GECOM.
Mr Harmon is either living in a parallel universe or he is of the belief that we all were in another universe for the past two weeks.
There is enough evidence out there that points to direct involvement by members of the coalition in the operations of GECOM, especially at the Region Four headquarters.

First, maybe Mr Harmon can explain what the signature of Volda Lawrence, Chair of the PNC and a Minister of the coalition, was doing on the erroneous declaration of Region Four results.
In all of the other nine regions, only the signature of the Returning Officer was present, but for this region that was in dispute and that provided fraudulent figures, the signature of Volda Lawrence accompanied the stamp and signature of Returning Officer, Mr Clairmont Mingo.

Secondly, if that wasn’t enough to show direct involvement, Mr Mingo’s declaration form presented on March 13 was countersigned by Carol Joseph, yet another member of APNU and a candidate of the coalition in the 2020 Elections. It should be noted once again that no other region’s declaration included any other signature, but that of the Returning Officer.

Thirdly, to further dismantle Mr Harmon’s ridiculous assertion that the coalition respects the independence of GECOM, one only has to examine the behaviour of Roysdale Forde and Robin Hunte, attorneys who are candidates for the coalition.
The two individuals were openly assisting GECOM’s lawyer, Neil Boston, in the court cases held before Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George. As candidates for the coalition, this demonstrates clearly, the incestuous relationship between GECOM and the coalition.

Finally, it was also a member of the coalition, Karen Cummings, who used the office of GECOM to meet and threaten members of international election observer missions.
This even prompted one of the diplomats to enquire if she thought the GECOM building was an appropriate place to meet with them. This clearly shows that the coalition viewed GECOM as an appendage of the APNU/AFC.

No amount of spin by Mr Harmon and others can repair the damage. It is widely acknowledged that all the shenanigans that took place at GECOM were orchestrated by the APNU/AFC coalition. These are matters of fact.

S Greaves

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