Eliminate worries and anxiety

Eliminate worries and anxiety

Dear Editor,
Already our beloved country is on edge over who will win and if there will be violence, the main parties have promised a win and we know that this cannot be, unless the Commission acts decisively and transparently to defuse this situation there will continue to be fear mongering and possibly worst.

I am kindly requesting that the commission considers the following:
1- At the end of every polling station closing and counts are verified by all parties and the commission, that when station results are completed that they be communicated to your GECOM ICT Room, by the appropriate encoded devices, in this day and age this is not hard to do and can be set up within a day for all polling station with the right staff.
2- That the incoming results are posted on your Gecom website and in your communications room, and these are updated every 30 minutes, by polling station name and numbers.
3- That on completion of all results that a preliminary result is there for all to see so any claims/objections can be reasonable dealt with.

If these simple steps are followed, you will have eliminated much worries, anxiety, and stress which accompany our elections. When the actual ballot boxes arrive you can verify these results and declare a winner, and not have the country in suspense, waiting for work that should have been done on day one with proper planning.

Mr. Roy Beepat

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