Elections 2020

Elections 2020

Dear Editor,

In 2016, I married a Guyanese lady. I am a Canadian and we live in Canada but still have children in Guyana, so I read Kaieteur News every day.

While it has been sad to see the incompetence of APNU/AFC in its contract negotiations with Exxon, it is now beyond sad to see APNU/AFC destroying the democratic process of the Guyanese people for their own interests, using the courts, the riot police (although there was no riot), sickness of officials to prevent court documents from being served etc.

This is why Third World countries stay Third World countries. This is why all Guyanese who can, make leaving Guyana their top priority (how many expats now live in Canada and the USA? 350,000? It has taken me 4 years to see why.

Welcome to Canada.

Arie Oosterman

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