Elections 2020: Laugh or cry?

Elections 2020: Laugh or cry?

Dear Editor,

My grandfather used to say that he doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry when presented with some quite serious situations. I find myself in that same predicament with the story of the 2020 elections. Fifty years after being a republic and we can’t even count our votes in a few days. Other countries right here in the Caribbean region have double the electorates and manage to finish counting in one day. The excuse of the large landmass is just that an excuse. Are the systems in place for counting and validation of the counts for the 21st or 18th century? Imagine one man tired and sick and the whole process and country waiting on him for the results for the most populous region. Schools, businesses, everything at a standstill waiting on results.

The problem with crying is I don’t know if I will be able to stop. I mean there are so many things to cry about this sad, sad, state we have found ourselves in. So, I decided to make it into a joke. Some friends and I organized an election pool. I chose Monday 8th March 2020 as the date the results will be official. I hope I win.

Yours faithfully,

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