Dysfunctional political atmosphere

Dysfunctional political atmosphere

Dear Editor,
It is very clear that Guyanese who historically vote for the APNU (PNC) are primarily in control of important institutions like GECOM and it is obvious that they are doing whatever they can to give APNU an unfair advantage in the upcoming elections.

Just within this week, allegations surfaced that GECOM has been secretly modifying the NRR (National Register of Registrants). This is dead wrong. GECOM can only engage in secret transactions like these because it is saturated with Guyanese from mainly one political party.
Also, there are APNU supporters beyond GECOM who have been engaging in hostility as a means of propelling the APNU back to power. Such hostility not only affects the elections but it also negatively influences visitors. Many within the diaspora have refused to visit Guyana during this election season. And Guyanese from rural communities have also expressed fears about visiting Georgetown. This kind of dysfunctional political atmosphere not only affects the elections but it also affects lives.

The Guyanese people have also witnessed how the lawless APNU supporters have openly harassed PPP/C associates on Laing Ave in broad daylight. And, as I watched the dysfunction on Laing Avenue, I remember this is exactly how young girls who were perceived to be from families who support the PPP/C were treated on the streets of Georgetown. They were targeted, blocked, harassed and fondled on the streets in the most humiliating ways. These are my childhood experience and memories. And I hope that the Editor gives me a chance to share my memories with the entire world for the betterment of humanity. The world must hear of our pains in this country. We cannot continue to suffer at the hands of ignorant bullies.

We have also witnessed APNU supporters demanding the removal of the PPP/C flags from the streets of Georgetown. They have also been caught destroying PPP/C flags all across Guyana on several occasions during this election season. These are serious and chronic behavioural problems. The State news agency (NCN news) has even unfairly covered the launching of the political campaigns. For example, the PPP/C campaign was live-streamed on Facebook for one minute while APNU was live-streamed for 60 minutes by NCN. The NCN has even shut out free speech in an effort to give APNU an unfair political advantage. Also, Guyanese will never forget that during the 2015 elections, a female APNU supporter who is said to be related to a high-ranking Government official deliberately urinated on the PPP/C flag.

Annie Baliram (PhD)


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