Dr Irfaan applauded

Dr Irfaan applauded

Dear Editor,
The public applauds Dr Irfaan Ali for the leadership skills demonstrated since the election crisis and particularly so over the last several days. In conversations, people indicate that Dr Irfaan has been demonstrating strong leadership in the crises, telling the public the truth about the election and setting the tone for what could happen to the nation if the outcome is fraudulent.

They note that Dr Irfaan came across very presidential in his updates of the court matter pertaining to the elections and his address on the coronavirus. They say the tone and content of his addresses show he cares about the people. People say that his addresses to the nation have soothed some of their fears on the electoral outcome and the corona.
Dr Irfaan demonstrated he has good communication skills in the way he spoke to the public. The coronavirus had provided an opportunity for the Government and the Opposition to address a major health crisis. Irfaan did extremely well by bringing in experts to discuss the problem and to offer some guidance on combating the virus and how to stay safe.

In tapping into the talent of the pool of people around him, Dr Irfaan shows that he can work with a range of other people, regardless of political party, to promote what is best for the country during the health and election crises. Some of the individuals whose talents he tapped into were known opponents of him.

In his addresses, Dr Irfaan also came across as someone who is willing to make difficult (and possibly unpopular) decisions for the greater good of the public, calling on the authorities to follow the law and for people to do things to protect their health.

Irfaan explained in several addresses what happened with the attempt by Caricom to supervise a recount of ballots and the ongoing court case as well as the plan to file an appeal to the ruling of Justice Franklyn Holder. And in a separate speech, he conveyed the gravity of the coronavirus threat on the population as well as on the economy.

Irfaan was very fair and objective in his comments. He did not present his personal views. He invoked facts and based his decisions on them. He used reliable information available in the courts on the election matter and from sciences and medical experts on corona. Clearly, Irfaan shows he is very concerned about the health threat to the nation from corona and he asked experts to address the issue and relate how the problem can be addressed to negate fallouts. He was straightforward and candid.

The public hopes Dr Irfaan will continue to provide regular updates on the court matter and other issues.

Yours truly,
Vishnu Bisram

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