DPP offers hope for justice to be served

DPP offers hope for justice to be served

Dear Editor,
I was happy and elated to hear that the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mrs Shalimar Ali-Hack, has given Gary Best notice of appeal for his part in the death of a cyclist.
How Gary Best managed to get off is foreign to me, and, in my opinion, if allowed, it could send a message to would-be-violators and violators of the law: that if you are well connected, then you are untouchable; and if you are poor and not connected, then you must pay and face full punishment. I am not pronouncing on whether or not Best is guilty, but I am of the firm view that there was some amount of negligence which occurred and influenced the outcome.

I am glad that the law will take a second look at this case, just to ease the minds of thousands both at home and abroad, who believe there was some skullduggery afoot when he was freed.
More importantly, the prosecution of high-profile cases should be treated with a certain amount of seriousness on the part of the relevant state agencies.

We need more training and resources for our prosecutors, and the Guyana Police Force must ensure that it is observing all the necessary safety and accuracy protocols, as well as requirements for equipment.
Justice must not only be done, but must be seen to be done. The scales of justice are balanced, but justice must be blind if it is to work to safeguard society. People want to have confidence in the law and the courts, or you will see persons taking matters into their own hands.

Attiya Baksh

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