Double/triple Standards

Double/triple Standards

Dear Editor,

Let’s cut the nonsense out immediately. Let’s return to the 2011 general and regional elections. APNU and others requested that the GECOM conduct a verification of the polls. This was not done.
I don’t mind the injunctive actions being taken by the PPP and their supporters but they must operate in a civil manner at all times and not attempt to bully the GECOM or the government in this matter. The Law is for the observance of all persons in this land.
The foreign observers must understand that the Representation of the Peoples Act does not require the GECOM to verify any SOPs. Therefore, the GECOM must go ahead and make the necessary proclamation and put a swift end to the imbroglio. Jagdeo and his PPP supporters cannot have their cake and eat it. The Law might be an ass in some instances. However, in the extant case, the Law is very much clear for all to see who wish to see.
Long live Guyana. Long live commonsense.

Cyril Walker

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