Don’t be afraid to change the Govt. in 2025

Don’t be afraid to change the Govt. in 2025

Dear Editor,

Guyanese have changed governments in hopes that they will enjoy a better life. However, this is unlikely to happen under the new PPP/C Government.
It is crystal clear that the incompetent Ali and Jagdeo Government continues to traverse the old trajectory.
One that hurts Guyanese for over 50 years. This is heartbreaking. It is unbearable to witness the human misery, economic turmoil and cruelty Guyanese continue to face under this new government. I fully understand the pains of my fellow Guyanese and I am very saddened.

We all can see that the inferior Ali/Jagdeo Government is fundamentally similar to every aspect of the APNU (PNC). The PPP/C continues to trample our lives like the APNU. There is no fundamental difference between the two. Both the APNU and the PPP/C cabinets lack fundamental skills. This is undisputed.
Quality health care continues to be a problem for the poor. The poor die daily from preventable ailments because of a lack of quality health care. Under the new PPP/C Government, we witnessed how a sports minister mutated into a health care minister. This is how the PPP/C continues to take advantage of Guyanese.

We also witnessed how a COVID -19 talk show host mutated into an expert at the Ministry of Social Protection. Mr. Jagdeo cannot appreciate that this Ministry needs highly specialized skills because of a lack of knowledge and vision. Mr. Jagdeo even induced the former Minister of Social Protection to mutate into the current Minister of Education. Mr Jagdeo behaves like the Hindu god known as Lord Hanuman who carries the world in one hand. Mr. Jagdeo needs to be realistic.
I am appealing for this man to treat the Guyanese people right.
It is about lives. These are fundamental problems within successive Guyanese Governments that continue to hurt the poor and truncate lives in all of our history.

Also, the PPP/C heavily criticized the APNU about the 50% salary increase it awarded itself but the PPP/C quietly enjoys this same astronomical increase. We can all remember when the APNU rewarded itself with the 50% salary increase and it gave the poor people of Guyana a meager 5% increase in salary. Today, the PPP/C is doing exactly the same. The PPP/C gave the poor a meager $ 25,000 COVID cash grant while members of its Cabinet are collecting almost one million Guyana dollars per month in salary. Mr. Jagdeo, what can Guyanese do with this grant? This is insulting. This grant can only get you a box of chocolate. Where are our hearts in this country? Would Mr. Jagdeo like to live off of this $25,000 GYD for even one week? This is exactly how the PPP/C government disrespects Guyanese and stifles them.

The PPP/C claims that the treasury was empty when it took over power this year. However, it has funds to continue funding the 50% salary increase for ministers and advisors without the proper skills.
The only people that benefit from the change of government are friends and family of the PPP/C who are also in government positions. The poor continue to suffer.
I know that this letter will prompt the PPP/C propaganda organ to jump on me and tarnish me. However, I will continue to speak up on behalf of the poor. And last but not least, the Guyanese people need to swing power again in 2025. Please do not be afraid to swing power. Democracy will prevail.

Dr. Annie Baliram

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