Do not disrespect our president!

Do not disrespect our president!

Dear Editor,

Here are some of my remarks on the opinion in the open letter sent to the President by former GECOM Chairman, Retired Major-General Joe Singh.
When President Granger selected Justice James Patterson as Chairman of GECOM in October 2017, he was asked why former GECOM Chairman, Retired Major-General Joe Singh, was not selected instead. President Granger was quoted as saying, “I am not prepared to discuss the individual qualities of the nominees; taken as a whole the list was unacceptable to me, and that is all I need to say in accordance with the constitution.”

I cannot see the nexus between the comment in the open letter which states, “I have forgiven you for classifying me and other nominees for the Chairmanship of GECOM as Not Fit and Proper Persons”, and President’s Granger’s quote above.

One person who was fit and proper was chosen from a list of persons who were also fit and proper, I presume. All fit and proper persons on the list could not have been chosen for one position. The President made his choice.
The President in his answer did not classify Major-General Singh and other nominees for the Chairmanship of GECOM as ‘Not Fit and Proper Persons’.

What seems to be blaring loudly and uncontrollable might well be an axe to grind.
Referring to the statement in the open letter, ‘I respectfully pen this open letter to you via the media in the hope that you will realise the national importance I have attached to taking this step.

I am placing my neck on the line that you are being manipulated by persons who do not have the best interests of our beloved Guyana at heart and who are prepared to hold you hostage to their own evil intentions and to manipulate you and the Constitution of this country to achieve their own personal and collective goals, unbothered by the catastrophic impact their actions to date are having on national morale, on the fears and anxieties of all Guyanese, whether or not they are supporters of your political part’.

The above statements give the impression of being highly presumptuous. They are surmising, to me, that the President lacks judgment and is weak of character to allow persons to manipulate him and the Constitution of Guyana, which he has taken a solemn oath to uphold. And that the President is reneging and shirking his responsibility to all the peoples of the country.

What profound insulting statements on the ability of the President to govern effectively and his honest intention and competence to uphold the Constitution of Guyana.
This seems to be based on just conjecture, necessitating an apology to the President.
Where is the proof for such accusations on the highest office of the land?
To me, the letter is a total national disgrace and a failed attempt to soil the goodwill of and cause an embarrassment to our President, whose tenure in office for just over four- and one-half years has been exemplary, and the achievements of the Coalition, which he leads have been unprecedented.

Thomas Saunders

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