Descendants of Cudjoe McPherson will no longer allow infringement of ancestral legacy at Kingelly

Descendants of Cudjoe McPherson will no longer allow infringement of ancestral legacy at Kingelly

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the false and incendiary statements made on Saturday, 22nd August, 2020 by Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall pertaining to lands in Kingelly, West Coast Berbice. The media over the past days have covered this meeting and Mr. Nandlall’s statements.

For the record, I reiterate that the entire northern side of Kingelly public road by Transport No. 4246, dated 21st July 1851, is in the name of my former slave ancestor Cudjoe McPherson. That land was never sold, gifted or titled to anyone. I have placed before in the public domain said transport.

It is noted at that Saturday meeting held with the residents of Kingelly the Attorney General held up a transport claiming it to be evidence the land does not belong to my ancestor. Any transport he puts up for northern Kingelly, which transport remains in Cudjoe McPherson’s name, could only be fake and I dare him to make that transport public. Said lands belong to the heirs of Cudjoe who are working towards effectively occupying and utilising all the unoccupied lands in the name of Cudjoe McPherson.

Contrary to the Attorney General’s statement, northern Kingelly is not State lands, therefore the State cannot distribute private lands. The heirs of Cudjoe recognise there are squatters present and those who were given permission by my family to occupy land could claim the land they are on by prescriptive rights. Cudjoe’s descendants are on public record acknowledging this legal process and willingness to respect same.

What Cudjoe’s heirs are opposed to is persons seeking to abuse our kindness by moving to covet more lands. We are saying, “No More.” If our own shortcoming to occupy has given greedy, desperate or politically driven persons to believe that they can forcefully take what is not theirs the process of taking up these lands began some years ago. We will no longer allow further infringement and desecration of our ancestral legacy.

Thus, when the Attorney General said to those who are occupying other parts of Kingelly and who want to move in and covet our ancestral land that they must break down our fence he is engaging not only in lawlessness but seeking to provoke confrontation. Through the Attorney General’s statements persons now feel empowered to damage our fence and instal no-trespassing signs and lighting, boasting that he told them to do so. Reports have been made to the police station and the expectation is that the police will move to enforce law and order without fear, favour or ill will.

There is fear however that the political directorate is pushing the police to abdicate their responsibility to the people of Kingelly, forcing some to act outside of the law and therefore create conditions for conflict, possible arrest with extraordinarily high monetary cost, particularly targeting myself and my family so the law can be used to victimise us through the penal or bail system. The villagers who lived in relative peace for years have now turned to abusing each other. It is clear Mr. Nandlall’s comments are deliberately orchestrated.

Videos of the consequences resulting from the Attorney General’s false claim and unlawful directive are also available.

Yours faithfully,

Lincoln Lewis

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