Democracy under serious threat

Democracy under serious threat

The international observers –including the Caribbean Community, Carter Centre, Commonwealth and the Organization of American States – have denounced the controversial declaration made by the Returning Officer for District 4.
They have all urged a return to the verification and tabulation process which was done for all the other nine districts and which would take only a few hours to be completed for the few hundred unverified statements of poll for District 4.

In light of the aborted verification process and the controversial District 4 declaration, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and the European Union have expressed concern about credible allegations of electoral fraud which could influence the results of the elections.

As such, they have unambiguously called on President Granger to avoid a transition of government based on a tabulation which lacks credibility.
The United Nations Resident Representative, the Assistant Secretary for the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, and Norway have all weighed in on the need for credible results.
Six opposition parties have also denounced the controversial District 4 declaration. They too are urging a return to the verification and tabulation process.

It is beyond comprehension that in the face of all of these charges which impugn the integrity of the declaration of the results of District 4, the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission have remained reclusive.
They bear primary responsibility for the present predicament. History will judge them harshly if they allow an illegal government to be foisted on the country.

Former United States First Lady Michelle Obama once said that the Presidency does not change you; it reveals who you are.
President Granger is a stakeholder in the electoral process. He is not aloof from it, since he is the Presidential candidate of the APNU+AFC coalition. Yet, he too has not faced the media or addressed the nation. Other top officials of APNU and the AFC have been frugal and selective in their public statements.

Winners do not run and hide. If you are the winner, as you believe, why worry. Why not verify? This will only enhance your victory and allow you to garner greater support from the international community. A real winner would be happy to demonstrate to the whole world that he or she is a winner.

No court decision will make the District 4 declaration credible. We urge a return to electoral transparency, so that the will of the people will prevail and be respected.
Those who believe that electoral malpractice will be tolerated in the 21st century are woefully misguided.

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