Declare the winner now, don’t procrastinate

Declare the winner now, don’t procrastinate

Dear Editor,
The APNU/AFC has lost the elections based upon on the recount figures and it is time for the country to move on in the direction of healing and reconciliation.
Recall that the PPP held strongly to the position that they won the 2015 elections and were cheated by the elections machinery. The party had to do its due diligence and had to think long whether they would give in to the process set up to deal with elections issues or whether they would hold on and refuse to concede power. They chose the first and proceeded after a lengthy period to take their seats in Parliament after filing the case.

They were confident that they would be vindicated before the 2020 elections and are still waiting for the case to be heard. But the elections came, and the People’s Progressive Party won after a careful and long recount process not without its challenges.

Editor, the PPP has endured the brunt of the unfairness of the system and has paid it’s due in time. Why can’t the APNU/AFC concede power and look to an elections petition for justice? They are claiming that there was fraud during the recount but are yet to have their evidence scrutinised by a competent and impartial court of law. In fact, most of this evidence is mind-boggling given the posture of the very same Commission at the last election when CEO dismissed voter impersonation et al occurring before handing them the victory narrowly.

The GECOM Chairperson must bring the elections to a closure and announce the victor according to the recount which has been backed by scrutineers, international and regional observers and local representatives. She must demonstrate that she can be impartial when necessary and deliver the country which is paining and hurt from the non-declaration of the results. She will have the law on her side given the Caribbean Court of Justice ruling and the international community.

If Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield refuses to carry out his mandate according to the law, the Commission must act decisively. He must be cast aside and the Commission must deal with the issue at hand before disciplining him. When the elections have been declared and a functional Government is in place, there will be time for any aggrieved party to approach the courts and have “tons” to say.

Guyana is hurting and screaming out that your “foot” is on her neck so she can’t breathe. Guyanese believe in democracy and want this country to progress in the right way. Declare the winner now and stop procrastinating. We all know who won and it is not the APNU and their foolish retort to seek to delay the enviable.

Finally, whatever happens as a result of the declaration, it will be business as usual. Four months is long and Guyana cannot wait any longer for a new, young and intelligent President who is not afraid to show leadership and strength when it is needed.

Michael Younge

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