David Granger removes the veil and admits he is the leader of the rigging cabal

David Granger removes the veil and admits he is the leader of the rigging cabal


As I write this column (Tuesday, June 30), Guyana’s representatives are making Guyana’s case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Guyana is our country and, in spite of our many challenges, we love every inch of our beautiful country. We have chosen an international court to defend our country’s borders, rather than choosing a military confrontation.
Guyana has maintained a strong, international partnership as we reject Venezuela’s illegal and immoral attempt to walk away from the 1899 settled agreement. The international team representing Guyana at an international court demonstrates the importance of Guyana’s global partnership and our commitment to global diplomacy.

By the time this column is read (July 1) tomorrow, we will be at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) defending our democracy. Just as Guyanese will not be intimidated by Venezuela, we will not be intimidated by David Granger’s APNU/AFC. Just as we have used all legal and civilised means to defend our country against Venezuela, we will also vigorously defend our freedom and democracy from local dictators. Just as we nurtured an international solidarity to thwart Venezuela, so too we will use global partnership to stop dictatorship.

There is local and international consensus a rigging cabal has been trying to thief the elections of March 2. While there is consensus that since March 2, the rigging cabal has prevented the will of the people, there has been some confusion as to who is the leader of the rigging cabal. There have been many persons who believed that David Granger was a hostage of the rigging cabal and that what has been happening in Guyana is because of a rogue group in APNU/AFC, which has a rogue group installed within GECOM. Everyone knows that the rogue GECOM group is led by Keith Lowenfield.

But many believed that persons like Joe Harmon and Volda Lawrence were the leaders of APNU/AFC’s rigging cabal. Many persons wanted to believe that Granger was too decent and too honest to be leading the rigging cabal.

From the inception, however, I knew that David Granger was the leader of the rigging cabal. For anyone who doubted this, Granger revealed the truth last night on a radio show hosted by one of his sycophants. On that show, just two days before the CCJ’s proceedings, Granger made clear he accepts Lowenfield’s fraudulent report which fraudulently named APNU/AFC the winner and, therefore, David Granger as the person to be sworn in as President. Granger ignored all four of Lowenfield’s reports so far are illegal, fraudulent, none representing the true results of the March 2, 2020 elections. That Lowenfield has presented four different sets of numbers demonstrates he is picking out results from a bag hoping one will stick, one will be palatable enough for the international and local stakeholders to accept.

The vast majority of Guyanese, including a significant number of Granger’s own supporters, know that Lowenfield’s numbers are bogus. The whole world, including Caricom, the OAS, the Commonwealth, ACP, UN, and the ABCE countries, has rejected Lowenfield’s wicked disenfranchisement of Guyanese voters. Yet Granger came out forcefully, unequivocally, to inform Guyanese and the world that he accepts Lowenfield’s report and expects to be sworn in by this weekend. Granger’s arrogance and his total barefaced acceptance of Lowenfield’s criminal report removed the veil he has kept on since March 2, 2020. Up to last night, he has led the rigging cabal from hiding. He allowed his surrogates, like Harmon, Lawrence, Nagamootoo, Ramjattan, Cathy Hughes, David Patterson, Amna Ally, James Bond, Lampy and Pampy, and other sycophants to be in the forefront while he hides behind them.

It is interesting his timing for the removal of the veil. It follows the sinister admission by Harmon that Granger has no intention to concede defeat to Irfaan Ali and the PPP. It comes just two days before the CCJ’s hearing. It comes soon after Prime Minister Mottley called on all stakeholders to accept the results of the recount.

What is evident is that the leader of the rigging cabal wants to send a message to the CCJ – he has no intention of giving up the presidency, he has no intention of accepting the real results of the elections, he will only accept the rigged, fraudulent results as presented by Lowenfield and that he will not wait any longer, that he will use the Lowenfield report to swear himself in by this weekend, by hook or by crook.
Bharrat Jagdeo, Irfaan Ali, and the PPP and other stakeholders have used all civilised and legal options to stop the dictators. It is now 121 days since the elections. There have been multiple attempts to use rigged results to swear in Granger as an illegal President.

The one planned for this weekend, as revealed by the leader of the rigging cabal, will fail, just like the others. It will fail because we do not stand alone. The vast majority of Guyanese are standing with the legitimacy and strength of a global solidarity. The PPP won and, if there is a swearing-in of a new President this weekend, it has to be President Irfaan Ali.

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