Crossing the ‘rainbow bridge’

Crossing the ‘rainbow bridge’

Dear Editor,
A rainbow is neither a tangible item nor is it a mirage, but is an optical illusion that may be described as a multicoloured arch in the sky, produced by prismatic refraction, reflection and dispersion of light within droplets of rain in the air.
This meteorological phenomenon decorates the sky in the day with the help of the sun, and in the night with the support of the moon. Artists dabble with its bright colours of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan (light blue), indigo (deep blue) and violet. In every religion and culture, on seeing a rainbow, some may associate a spiritual meaning to represent hope, inspiration, promise, and a bridge linking earth to heaven.
In Chinese legend, the rainbow is a symbol of “yin and yang,” recognising five colours in harmony to represent perfect balance.

For animal lovers, on the demise of a cat or dog in particular, the rainbow comforts the owners with a belief that the lost pet would travel on that bridge to a place far beyond, and continue to live and play happily.
In Southeast Texas, USA (Guyana’s powerful ally, and perhaps a key deciding factor, if not influencer), there is the “Rainbow Bridge,” a through truss bridge that crosses the Neches River, handling westbound traffic only (the Veterans Memorial Bridge serves the eastbound traffic).

Guyana’s weather is playing havoc, and has certainly lived up to its name and nature for the past weeks; and a similar pattern is promised going forward. Its meteorological, psychological and political effects synchronise, if not run parallel and concurrently, reflecting a deeper significance, painted with the colours of doom and gloom, and do affect the daily lives of the impoverished Guyanese people.

Many are praying to the Divine, and are looking up to the heavens, desperately peeping, peering and searching for the blessed sight of the beautiful and colourful rainbow in the sky; desperately expecting — and pinning a ray of hope on that expectation — that we shall overcome all the obstacles and hurdles as we await the promised day when good shall triumph over evil, truth shall survive, and the land would again be fertilised with the blood, sweat and tears of loving Guyanese people who are living in unity and strength and working to build a more prosperous Guyana so that equality, justice and fraternity would truly paint a representative picture with the rainbow colours, portraying the path that leads to one people in one nation with one destiny.

Let us hope that tropical storm Gonzalo passes without any damage to Guyana, so that that country can see a rainbow.
At the rate the APNU/AFC Party is dictating the pace of this nation, this country is uncertain if and when a new government would be allowed to administrate its affairs. With all the shenanigans, pussy-footing, Tomfoolery, political mischief, economic misdemeanours, tongue-twisting, lies, deceit, malicious attacks, financial misconduct, vexatious court litigation, and dangerous propaganda perpetrated by the APNU/AFC Party, the will of the people to freely and credibly elect the PPP/C Party to occupy their rightful place as the legitimate Government of Guyana for the next five years at least is being stifled.

The majority of the Guyanese electorate voted, and Madam Chair of GECOM promised to uphold the laws of this country when she swore on the Holy Book to abide by the Constitution and do that which is only right and just. Ms. Claudette Singh needs to clear the dark clouds and show the rainbow to the public, so that this Divine inspiration would translate to the immediate conclusion of the election process with the legitimate Recount result being used. That is the first bridge the Guyanese people need to cross.

If, and when, the PPP/C Party is allowed to govern, it would then be allowed to reveal its manifesto, which has the potential to translate a dream into reality with a jam-packed programme. This agenda promises an umbrella that covers and protects all of Guyana; embraces each person; reflects equitable distribution, and accommodates the need for development and prosperity in a united and peaceful manner.

The proper management of COVID-19 repercussions takes precedence, and a general review of the PPP/C Party’s priorities has to be revisited, going back to the drawing board.
How quickly the Guyanese people can start to enjoy the benefits of a new Government cannot be openly guaranteed or correctly anticipated. This is so because of the sad state of affairs in which the APNU/AFC Party currently maintains the status quo of this nation. What type of damage control would be implemented to harness this bankrupt nation would be a gigantic challenge, and so you cannot count the chickens before they are hatched.

All eyes will definitely be watching the PPP/C Party once it gets into office. Its every action will be scrutinised. All ears will be opened, waiting and listening for the sound emanating from even the drop of a pin. The rumour-mongers will be working overnight. Voices will be so vocal that throats will be parched from their outbursts. The slightest error will be chastised, and opponents will be on a determined mission to audit each and every transaction. Mistakes will neither be allowed nor forgiven, and there will be no room for a second opinion. That Party would have to hit the ground hard, running as fast as possible without pausing for breath. That is the unrealistic expectation that the Opposition will tolerate. As such, the PPP/C Party will have to be on its P’s and Q’s each and every second. It must cross its T’s and dot its I’s, and leave no space for blots.

The actions of its members will be under the microscope, and the hand of the surgeon will be poised with a scalpel. Bear in mind that those who mean well would want the PPP/C Party to succeed; and, don’t be surprised, the current critics of the APNU/AFC Party will be the ones to continue providing critical support either with their voices or their fingers, or both. The PPP/C Party will certainly need to stay in line, and not repeat any mistakes it had incurred before. But let us cross that bridge when we reach it.

The APNU/AFC Party has been caught with its pants down on numerous occasions. Its members are deeply wounded and badly hurt, are in a hole and are cornered. They have placed the knee on the backs of their very own supporters, and are ashamed. But they need a way out, because they are approaching the end of the game knowing that they are not the winner, especially with the US implementing immediate sanctions, with more to follow.

Their last resort is to be brazen, look defiant, and want to negotiate with the instrument of bartering, borrowing, begging and bargaining as a disguised tool. But the silence of distrust speaks louder than their bullish demand. Their sole intention to own and control precedes any compromised intention.

Voicing publicly their total disregard for the scrutinised CARICOM Recount result, and refusing to accept its credible and legitimate declaration unleashes a threat rather than a comment. It is sounding a clear warning. Luckily, the international community has our backs covered, and are supportive of a democratic Guyana.

The international community wants the APNU/AFC Party to accept the legal and legitimate election Recount result as the credible declaration, and allow GECOM to complete the election process without further mischievous court litigation. Guyana cannot abuse those honourable dignitaries who have been outspoken against the APNU/AFC Party’s thwarting of the will of the people. We came a long way with the entire world holding our hands, and so we cannot burn the bridge we have crossed.

The APNU/AFC Party, with a ringleader for a rogue, certainly does not mean well, and does not have the interest of Guyana at heart; otherwise, he would have prevented the court litigation which starts on Saturday (today) with the COA. Guyana is restless and sleepless, and cannot stand alone; it still needs the blessings and help of the entire international community to safely cross the ‘rainbow bridge’, in order to achieve real freedom from the cabal of rogues.

Jai Lall

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