Conduct and utterances that beguile indecency, unfitness and improperness

Conduct and utterances that beguile indecency, unfitness and improperness

Dear Editor,

The downright bullying attitude displayed and condoned by the APNU+AFC coalition to retain power by any means necessary is an egregious and barefaced abuse by very senior functionaries of the APNU faction to this nation. This abuse has been condemned by the international community who are unanimous in their call for the declaration to be made utilizing the recount figures. There has been serious resistance from the embattled CEO of GECOM to this effect, who submitted several falsified reports to the Commission despite direct instructions of what was required. His display of insubordination warrants dismissal and his continued falsification of the elections report warrants serious penalties for attempting to pervert the elections process and committing elections fraud. He can also be dismissed in the public interests. That is a simple and straight forward matter.
I would like to reference that if a public servant is accused of wrongdoing then the procedure is that he/she is interdicted/dismissed from duty.

When this elections fiasco is completed and the rightful President, Dr. Irfaan Ali, is sworn in, I would suggest that those who seek to pervert the course of the elections process and the rule of law be debarred from taking up seats in Parliament. Parliament is for fit, proper and honourable people whose interest is in the development of Guyana.
The fraudsters and perpetrators of fraud must be injuncted from making or partaking in the decision-making process for the development of Guyana. They have already shown what they are capable of. They must never again be in receipt of taxpayers’ money because they have perpetrated this heinous human rights violation seeking to discredit and dump legitimate votes.

All the illegal transactions of allocations of contract and land grabbing must be reversed. Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, former President of Guyana for two full terms, had issued a warning since the No Confidence Motion in December 2018 that persons must reframe from conducting certain business because there was a caretaker government which cannot make new deals and that such deals would be illegal and revoked.

Nevertheless, the international community should still impose sanctions on the instigators and perpetrators that aided, abetted and condoned the intent to rig the March 2, 2020 General and Regional Election in Guyana. They must be blacklisted. One must question where is the integrity, honesty and decency that was posted on billboards across this country seeking to have individuals elected to office?

They have displayed nothing but the opposite in actuality, their conduct and utterances beguile indecency, unfitness and improperness. What a shame and disgrace for the user of the yardstick ‘fit and proper’ to describe or discredit others.

A. Persaud

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