CJ’s ruling demolishes PNC’s shameless attempt to derail Recount results

CJ’s ruling demolishes PNC’s shameless attempt to derail Recount results

Dear Editor,
Chief Justice (ag) Roxanne George, in her decision on Monday, pretty much bitch-slapped the PNC on their head over and over, as she told them their case was hopelessly flawed.
When you thought the PNC would be ashamed and embarrassed to show their face, the PNC lawyer who got a Senior Counsel award from Granger for arguing 33 is not the majority of 65, without any shame, announced they would appeal the decision.

There was a collective sigh of, “Here we go again,” from all those watching across the world at this latest PNC intransigence and refusal to give up power, having been walloped at the December 2018 No Confidence Vote and the March 2 election.
You would think that with sanctions in place and additional sanctions looming, and the OAS and CARICOM scheduling meetings to discuss the “Guyana election problem,” good sense and reason would prevail in the PNC camp. You hoped they would understand that the gamesmanship is over and they must concede. But that was not to be. The PNC did not take this exit offered to them. The PNC seem committed to a course of self-destruction that would bring all Guyana down with them.

None can convince the PNC that they did not win. It will be the PPP’s burden to rebuild the country and Guyana’s reputation once again. Additionally, on Tuesday, while the OAS meeting was going on and they were being rebuked for prolonging the elections, the PNC side filed an appeal of the Chief Justice’s well-reasoned decision.
Someone has said that if Jesus and the angels were to come down and tell the PNC that they lost the elections, they would give Him a good cuss down. A Guyanese proverb says, “When cows are going to the slaughterhouse, they don’t care where they sh**”.

It is very callous, ruthless and selfish for the PNC to only think about their own lust and greed for power, and to hell with the national interest and to hell with the poor people punishing and unable to make ends meet in these perilous times of a bankrupt economy, unemployment, and great difficulties in meeting needs during the current pandemic.
History will be unkind to Mr. Granger and the PNC for torturing the nation in this fashion. This torment is nothing short of a coup attempt. The PNC have now moved to the realm of a political dictatorship, as they continue to refuse to give up power, although being defeated.
The whole world is watches as the clumsy antics of the PNC are on full, open, vulgar display and as the attempt to delay and rig unfolds further.

To be clear, the Chief Justice’s ruling entrenches that only the Recount results are valid and are in play, and this is not reversible at this point. So there is no scenario under which the “sanctimonious gangster” can be sworn in. That hope is dead. No amount of wukking obeah at Seven Ponds or at the Cuffy Monument can change that. Invoking “Odo” to help is so laughable, as it is sad that the party of the sanctimonious one has turned to witchcraft for assistance with rigging. So much for our “Christian” President and party.

A matriarch of the Church, Sis. Bernice Walcott, issued a public rebuke of Mr. Granger, asking him to repent. Other prayer groups are also praying against witchcraft in Guyana.
Essentially, the courts’ ruling recognises that Dr Irfaan Ali, with more votes cast, has been deemed to be the President Elect, waiting to be sworn in.
The Chief Election Officer was also bitch-slapped, as the court ruled he cannot be a lone ranger going off on his own frolic. Lowenfield was always under the control of the Commission, and many don’t understand why he has not been fired as yet.

The PNC have clumsily concocted “Nancy stories” that they won the election. At first, they said the elections were well run, and they won based on the Mingo fraudulent declarations for Region 4. When it became clear the Recount was showing they lost, the PNC changed their story to say that the PPP bought out everyone, and made baseless claims that dead people and migrated people fraudulently voted, notwithstanding there is a video in circulation showing Mr Lowenfield saying that with the new biometric design of the voters list with photos and personal information included, it is not possible for voter fraud to take place.

During the initial count at the close of polls, there were zero complaints about dead and migrated voting, all voting materials were accounted for, and there was no reported issue by anyone. Some election day materials were placed in the ballot boxes and some were placed in separate packaging.

The Chief Elections Officer and Returning Officers know where those materials are, and must be made to give account for them. That’s not a PPP problem or problem of any other party. The PPP did not have control of the materials; that’s a GECOM function, and Lowenfield must be made to answer. By now it is quite clear which party Mr. Lowenfield wanted to win.

Lowenfield has had so many versions of fraudulent results that it ain’t funny.
For what it has done to the country, we must help the PNC out of their misery and make sure they never form the Government again. Any ideas for power-sharing is DOA, as the PNC can never be trusted and have no redeeming value as a party that cares for the national interest.

My hope is that PNC supporters would be ashamed of what their leaders are doing to the country and there would be a massive exodus from the PNC to the other parties. Already, the PPP’s “big tent” approach in welcoming and valuing diversity has attracted a sizeable following of people who previously supported the PNC. The smaller new parties have also attracted attention, as the long agony of the PNC’s refusal to give up has increased their profile.

For the long haul, the PNC have destroyed the moral fabric of our society, as they are teaching our young people fraudulent math and showing our young people how to commit fraud. This is unforgivable. For a party calling itself A Partnership for National Unity, the PNC have gone to the dark side, and are a big disgrace to Guyana

Jerry Singh

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