China and Russia have been conspicuously silent

China and Russia have been conspicuously silent

Dear Editor,

China and Russia have been conspicuously silent, while elections fraud is being brazenly and crudely perpetrated in Guyana. The only countries standing up for democracy and the lawful completion of tabulating the elections results are the Western democracies: the UK, USA, Canada and EU.
This must not be lost on the next legal Government, when it comes in to power.
China especially should be shunned by the next administration. With its new found oil wealth, contracts must be preferentially given to Western private companies – from the USA, Canada, UK, etc.
No more contracts for shady, incompetent Chinese contractors. Also, most likely, the next lawful president of Guyana will be a Muslim, who must not ignore the plight of the Muslim Uighur minority in China, which is actively and cruelly suppressing the Uighur religion and culture.

Michael Rahaman

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