Caricom people urge correction of Lowenfield’s report

Caricom people urge correction of Lowenfield’s report

Dear Editor,

Caribbean people urge the GECOM to correct the election ‘kak’ report submitted by Lowenfield and bring the election process to closure. This charade has gone on for too long and Caribbean people are with democracy. The people feel hurt that the entire world is looking at Guyana as being out of step with the rest of the region on the democratic chart. Even Haiti is a democracy and respect court ruling as well as orders from their elections commission.

Caribbean people call for sanctions against Lowenfield for his attempt to defraud the nation of its rightful government as chosen through the will of voters. GECOM must suspend or dismiss Lowenfield for the ‘kak’ report and appoint someone to complete the process with numbers obtained from the Caricom recount.

Regrettably, Caribbean people are poking fun at Guyana and Guyanese over the behaviour of the government and the judicial system. With government officials criticizing the CCJ and Lowenfield defying the CCJ’s ruling and GECOM’s orders, they ask whether Guyana is a lawless society. (Guyana has been lawless since the 1960s with election rigging, bullying, racism, kick-down-door banditry, choke and rob). Guyanese in the diaspora and at home have been the subject of ridicule for the last eighteen months since the no confidence motion of December 21, 2018 over Math, English, and now law.

Caricom people and American colleagues where Guyanese are employed made vexatious, snide remarks that we (Guyanese) don’t know simple maths. They say some judges don’t know how to calculate a simple majority. Then they say we (Guyanese) don’t know simple English that we had to ask a court to define or explain “more votes than”. As the CCJ ruled, it does not mean “more valid votes”. All votes are valid.

Now, Caribbean nationals say Guyanese don’t understand simple law. The CCJ is the final court of Guyana. Its ruling is law; it must be enforced. The CCJ instructed Lowenfield to prepare an elections report in accordance with the valid votes of the recount. He cannot submit to GECOM a report based on the (Mingo) count. It must be based on the recount. Since Lowenfield is defiant, GECOM must discipline him for insubordination. If GECOM does not discipline him, then Guyana becomes a lawless society. The law of the jungle takes over. Even during the worst period of Jim Crow racism in America, when the Supreme Court ruled favourably toward Black Americans, the White authorities enforced the ruling they disliked. Racist White folks enforced the rights of Black Americans. The votes of Black Americans were counted and used in declaration of winners in elections, several of whom were Blacks.

Lowenfield’s behaviour of defying GECOM is lawlessness. It is the informed opinion of Guyanese and other Caribbean people in New York that Lowenfield must be terminated from his position. (PS: almost every Caribbean people have been following the Guyana election matter ever since the coalition lost the no confidence motion eighteen months ago.

People from Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and the Caribbean watched the oral arguments and the delivery of the judgment of the CCJ. Every democratic loving person has condemned the government for not abiding with the principle that follows a defeat of a NCM (hold fresh election) and not respecting the outcome of a free and fair election.)
Madame Chair of GECOM, Caribbean people and the Guyanese diaspora urge you to correct Lowenfield fake report and proceed with a declaration!

Yours truly,
Dr. Vishnu Bisram

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