Both PPP and PNC have continued with the same attitude over the years

Both PPP and PNC have continued with the same attitude over the years

Dear Editor,

Please permit me space to express my deep concern on the deplorable road conditions in Canal Number 2 on the West Bank of Demerara. Those who have been around long enough to remember, will attest to the fact that it was during the PNC (Burnham administration) that this road was built by the Chinese during the time the clay brick factory was in construction; this was way back in the 70s, and since then very little was done in terms of maintenance to this roadway.

During the APNU+AFC administration, a part of the road was resurfaced, it was as clear as night and day that the section that was resurfaced was the section that has mostly PNC supporters, I’ve seen things of this nature played out time and again by both the PPP and the PNC. I kindly request that KN highlight this so that the current administration will be aware and do something about this road, I am sickened to not see changes in the way the politicians play politics; in my 56 years of life this attitude has not changed, both with the PPP and the PNC.

Times are changing, we cannot administer things the way we did in the past, we have a new young vibrant leader, I hope he delivers to ALL the people of Guyana regardless of their Race, Religion, political affiliations and sexual orientation, I call on the President to look into this and to please employ individuals based on their qualifications and not their race, break this barrier, we need to see a better Guyana for ALL.

Yours truly,
Nazim Mangroo

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