Blood on their hands

Blood on their hands

Dear Editor,
Once again, Guyana has lost a son (so far) all because some within our ranks cannot play by the rules of the process. Our elections in the past have been described as “more crooked than barbed wire”, by not locals who may have a stake in the outcome of the vote, but by independent overseas observers, and still we do not learn. Some say because THEY cannot afford to lose, for fear of losing their “perks” as well as what forensic audits may uncover.
Regardless of all that is being said by known apologists and sycophants, certain facts are indisputable.
GHK Lall and others of his ilk, who have publicly “endorsed” a political unit, can vomit the soup as long as it keeps going down their throats, and the stench would fool no one.

Then there is the other gathering who are now calling for a “political solution”.
I notice Eusi Kwayana and Moses Bhagwan, two FORMER political figures from GUYANA, and others in more subtle and not so subtle language now calling for a national front government.
My question is, why is it ONLY when the PPP is in government (or about to win an election) this call is clarion? Why wasn’t such a call made in 2011 and 2015. Do these new-born voices, concerned about the future of Guyana, remember the margin of victory (or loss) in those elections?

But, to cut a long story short, my view is that those voices MUST join the demand of the majority of Guyanese (from all political persuasions) the local and international observers, the diplomatic community making emphatic statements (note must be taken of those who have remained deafeningly silent) NGOs, business bodies and the list goes on and on, in calling for the VERIFICATION of the SOPs for the ENTIRE Region Four votes. If PNC (in my opinion AFC and the others in APNU are non-existent so no need to mention them) is so confident that they won the elections, WHY are they refusing to have the remaining SOPs VERIFIED? Surely, they have their polling agents’ SOPs.

What is interesting, as I understand it, is that all the SOPs for the polling places that were verified, by the political parties that had polling agents in those polling stations, (mostly Georgetown) have been agreed with GECOM’s SOPs. The BIG QUESTION is how those that come from supposedly PPP areas, and not verified, differ to the extent of “changing” the results? Can GECOM and OR PNC enlighten the Guyanese nation, please?

As I started, a life has already been lost, and that blood is on someone’s hands. No amount of “spin” by those versed in that “art” can wash the stain and stench off.
Guyana needs the correct, accurate, transparent results of the elections.
Only then can we as a people move on.
Talks on whatever formations of government can then be on the agenda.

H N Nawbatt

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