Blank statements-of-poll?

Blank statements-of-poll?

Dear Editor,

The PNC’s counting agent comrade Aubrey Norton appeared on NCN TV and taught me that the Statements of Poll are compiled from the polling places’ Tally Sheets. Are spreadsheets fashioned from the SOP’s – or the other way around?

These elections have made me much “brighter”, more knowledgeable about such matters – just in case I’m around for future elections (?)

But just on Sunday this ‘paper (SN Mar 15) provoked more “associated” questions in my poor under-educated mind. On page 19 there was a table titled “Status update on request for recounts”. In reporting that the Region Four Returning Officer (RO) Comrade Mingo had denied requests for a recount, there is a curious note regarding an APNU+AFC recount request for District Six where the PPP won overwhelmingly.

We are told that “Recount suspended until further notice; the APNU+AFC has not agreed to recount without new blank SOP’s; the PPP/C has refused to open its lock on container to retrieve blank SOP’s”. Now I know that there are many “recount knowledgeables” who can explain all this (latter) to me.  Kindly assist. Blank statements-of-poll??

By the way dear voter-reader, how confident are you that the SOP’s, the ballots and ballot boxes containing all original authentic, signed documents were safe, secured and untouched at all times since 3rd March, 2020? Ho-ho-ho.

Yours faithfully,

Allan Arthur Fenty

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