Badal says there wasn’t enough time for coalition talks

Badal says there wasn’t enough time for coalition talks

Businessman and Presidential Candidate for the Change Guyana party, Robert Badal, says discussions with other new parties about coalescing were frustrated by the lateness of talks, which left a narrow, insufficient window for discussion and agreement before Nomination Day.

He also said that while Change Guyana is open to joining lists with others, the party is wary that this has the propensity to negatively impact the traction he says Change Guyana has created since its launch. As such, Badal insisted, any party wishing to join lists with Change Guyana must, bring value to the table. Such a partnership, he elaborated, must benefit Change Guyana, as well as the other parties involved.

Badal made these statements during the party’s weekly press conference yesterday.


In the 25th October 2019 edition of the Stabroek News, Badal was reported as declaring that he would not partner with either A Partnership for National Unity (APNU+AFC) coalition or the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), but that Change Guyana remained open to working with other new parties if their value and principles converged.

However, during yesterday’s press conference Badal told reporters that Change Guyana had discussions with one party, but that it “did not get anywhere” since “everyone got busy coming to Nomination Day.”

Badal said that he was contacted by a members of an undisclosed party, who asked him to sign an agreement, the details of which would be discussed and determined subsequently. Badal said he refused to do business that way, as his party had to know, and in that case would not know what exactly it was signing on to.

Joining lists

Leaders of A  New and United Guyana (ANUG), the Liberty and Justice Party (LJP) and The New Movement (TNM) have advised GECOM of their intention to engage in a “joinder of lists” for the purpose of deciding seats in Parliament.

Badal said what while he is open to such a joinder, he will only do so if the other parties bring value to such a union. He also shared that Change Guyana is wary that the joining can possibly slow the traction he says Change Guyana has been generating during its engagements with citizens.

ERC Code of Ethics

Meanwhile, rebuffing claims by GECOM that only The Citizenship Initiative (TCI) has responded to a request for feedback on a proposed code of ethics, Badal said he has not been approached on that subject. He was not sure, however, whether his campaign manager was approached on the issue.

Nevertheless, Badal said he and the members of his party would sign the Code of Ethics with “eyes closed”, as the party has no intention of using race, or ethnicity, in any matter, to garner and secure votes.


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