Attempting to steal our future again!

Attempting to steal our future again!

Dear Editor,
The PNC rigged elections from 1964-1992. The last rigged elections occurred in 1985 when Desmond Hoyte shamelessly gave himself 78.5 per cent of the votes. Like him, Granger has the support of thugs, manipulates GECOM, and presents himself as decent. Whereas Hoyte stole two additional years since elections were constitutionally due in 1990, Granger stole one year following the NCM in December 2018.

By rigging elections, PNC effectively stole the future of Guyanese. By future, I mean the opportunities which were removed from the grasp of citizens of this country and replaced with struggle and suffering. As I have written previously, people do not understand the price they have paid because that requires analysing what an individual and his family as a collective could have achieved, in reference to a similar family in a functioning democracy, with what they eventually accomplished under PNC dictatorship. I submit further that the opportunities lost in education, employment and culture can never be fully understood, quantified or recaptured. So while our older brethren knew they suffered I doubt if they know the true worth of what was taken from them.

Roll forward to March 2020. PNC under the guise of APNU/AFC/WPA is actively trying to steal another election from the PPP while the entire world is watching. I personally believe that PPP/C won the elections by a lot more than the 17,500 votes, which has been established, and remains uncontested, as the margin of victory.
No one is going to forget this, not now, not ever. Young people in particular who have never seen such blatant hooliganism will remember. People are coming out in droves to guard ballot boxes. Ironically, the fire for democracy has been relit by Mingo’s actions on national TV.

A long time ago I respected and even admired Rupert Roopnaraine and Dr Clive Thomas because I thought they were men of intellect and integrity. When now we are precariously perched between democracy and dictatorship their silence speaks volumes. It is no wonder that Walter Rodney, one of Guyana’s finest sons, who trusted them, was betrayed and murdered.

The world is not going to forgive David and Sandra Granger. Dominic Gaskin, their son-in-law, is one rare good man in the coalition. He knows the future of his children is under threat. In my opinion, this is the beginning of the end for PNC/APNU/AFC.

Kind regards,
Ravi Ram

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