Arrogance will be the downfall of PNC+AFC

Arrogance will be the downfall of PNC+AFC

Dear Editor,

If the APNU+AFC government loses the election, it’ll be due to arrogance. It’s this same arrogance that stopped the party’s leaders from solving the problems which eventually may lead to their downfall.

There is no place for arrogance in democracy. In Guyana’s context, arrogance of power is even more harmful.

The Bible is right when it says: Pride goes before a fall. Several of the government ministers were too proud and prideful. Power got to their head. Power corrupted them.

Editor, do you remember one of the  government ministers said that he will not apologize for raising the ministers’ salary?

Do you remember another one at Massy’s Supermarket parking lot how she manhandled

the security guard for doing his job?

These government ministers quickly forget that it was God who put them into government and God can remove them. The Bible says that it is God who appoints presidents and removes presidents.

I hope that the APNU+AFC will have learned from this experience not to be prideful if they lose the election.

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Pantlitz

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