Are the Pastors doing enough?

Are the Pastors doing enough?

Dear Editor,

Has the church lost its influence? Has it become weaker? Are the pastors hiding?
A shroud of darkness has enveloped the land, and I am yet to see the pastors make a historical stand. In 2015, I wrote an article denouncing the rising rate of femicide in Guyana, and called on, not only the government, but also the church, to make efforts to ensure that we stamped out the seeming Guyanese curse — that of our men being responsible for putting our women in hearses. (
To strengthen my point, I made an impassioned plea for a moratorium of sorts- a move that fell not only on deaf ears, but seemingly also on hardened and reluctant minds.

Now some are nursing another more intimate wound, the church’s inability to acknowledge their pain, along with its conspicuous silence on other deadly issues such as the increased road fatalities.
The church has always focused on the message of hope for a better future. Consequently, ministers of today must be strong, continue to lead respectfully and provide the leadership that is essential for a community to survive and flourish.

Like America, the country has recently extricated itself from the jaws of a very contentious and malodorous presidential election, a further reason why the preachers should be ready to give pulpit addresses on the things that affect and afflict the nation at large.
For many especially in the Black community, the church is the single most important institution providing a sanctuary for both their culture and their faith.

My question remains: Where is the clergy? Are they doing enough? Granted, there are some who are doing their godly best, but the numbers are too few. Are they concerning themselves with the issues? No chiding, but are they hiding, leaving the work to the dedicated few? Preachers who look on Sunday as their day, and be invisible when it matters most, may eventually be regarded as spiritual ghosts.
To the pastors out there — Come out and be seen, and avoid being asked, “Where have you been?”

Y. Sam.

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