Appoint Persaud where he is skilled

Appoint Persaud where he is skilled

Dear Editor,

In reference to your letters (KN Aug 18, 19) on Robert Persaud’s appointment, he is appointed in the wrong field. Like so many other appointments, including Ministers and other appointments, personnel are misplaced in areas where they lack skill set and expertise. They would be more effective in other areas. Persaud has skills and specialization in other areas like agriculture and public relations where he would be more helpful to the government.

There is public objection of and opprobrium directed at Persaud as a political appointee and moreso as Foreign Secretary, a position yet to be defined. I read a letter writer trying to explain the role of such a position but can’t quite understand why it is needed since others in the Ministry can perform the same tasks.

Persaud has no background in a foreign affairs position for which he is politically appointed. He was never trained or schooled in diplomacy, foreign relations, or international relations. He admits he is not a graduate from UG or any other undergraduate institution or holder of a Bachelor’s degree and that he never received training in the field. Thus, he cannot be an asset to the Line Minister (Foreign Affairs) or the government in that area. It raises questions of the kind of appointments being made by the PPP/C that are similar to those made by the APNU+AFC. Is it a redo of what Granger did?

The PPP/C had objected to the position of Foreign Secretary when it was created to accommodate Carl Greenidge. If the PPP/C feels it really needs a Foreign Secretary, why not appoint someone who has competence and is skilled in the field? Appoint a consultant or expert in the area! In this way, the government will avoid criticism about that kind of political appointment. Persaud’s appointment raises a stench across the board. Rescind that appointment!

Persaud has not been seen in public or heard from since the announcement of the appointment. In fact, we have not heard from him since May 2015 when he made a public announcement making himself available to serve the PNC. If Persaud has to be accommodated, why not assign him in a role where he has some training and expertise.

Yours truly,
Haresh Kumar

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