App Development is no longer a stranger to Guyana

App Development is no longer a stranger to Guyana

The team behind the Green Thumb Creatives App applied for the UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge 2.0 and thus far, they successfully progressed to the Incubation stage. They are a group of three young people; Deopaul Somwaru, Yasmeen Ba and Nareema Khan. They were tasked with coming up with a solution to the problem that many youth and small business owners may face when they aren’t aware of how to elevate themselves from having an unstructured or informal business to a formal business.

Nareema Khan

Their solution to these plaguing issues is the “Green Thumb Creatives App” that follows the One-Stop-Shop approach. The app would facilitate business and self-development coaching, provide online marketing/branding training and showcase funding opportunities for them as well. The team has acknowledged everyone’s willingness and desire to gather this information so that we may then implement in our entrepreneurial pursuits. The team is also tasked with creating a prototype of their proposed solution. They will be running various tests over the next week before their final presentation on August 31. The group also has been successful with funding opportunities from the Small Business Bureau, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce Inc. and GBTI.

The Green Thumbs Creatives App initiatives and aims
The Green Thumbs Creatives App initiatives and aims

Deopaul Somwaru, mostly known for his latest and most used mobile application; ‘caronavirus’ tracking app is the app developer for this project. Yasmeen is another co-founder of the App. She is the research and logistic personnel behind this project. Nareema Khan is the marketing and public relations manager behind the said app. Together, they are hoping to change the way we view and use mobile applications for sustainable change. The group hopes to offer business training which will be done by Vishnu Doerga from Action Coach, branding training which will be done by Dr. Rosh Khan and business training from Lyndell Danzie-Black.

Yasmeen Ba

Nareema Khan, one of the co-founders is quite passionate about this project, just as the other co-founders. When asked, “What does the success of this app mean to you?” She replied by saying: “I envisage a Guyana where youth who are not of talent have access to top tier business training and funding opportunities.

I have always wanted to be a part of the solution and I believe along with my team, Yasmeen and Deopaul, we can be just that.” Yasmeen Ba expressed that: “While we are focused on creatives at the moment, we acknowledge that there are still areas for growth and we would like to branch off into other fields such as agriculture and dentistry.

The Green Thumb Creatives team is currently planning orientation sessions. Deopaul will be introducing and explaining the app alongside its features and contents. Interested persons can contact them on to sign up for either their group sessions or one-on-one. The orientations will be done via the Zoom app. When this clever trio succeeds, the Green Thumbs Creative App will be the first of its kind in Guyana.

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