APNU+AFC continues thumbing its nose to honesty, integrity and decency

APNU+AFC continues thumbing its nose to honesty, integrity and decency

Dear Editor,

This March started on the eve of our general elections. It was preceded by intense and heated debates by my chat group of comrades for months as to why or not individuals should cast their vote for the PPP/C.

I had voted for the coalition in 2015 and shortly after became disenchanted by the government’s performance. On March 2 I voted for the PPP/C. I had reservations but I was going to give them another chance.

The results started coming in favour of the PPP. I resolved to keep the new PPP-led Ali government to be all it could be. Following the Jagans’ creed and hold it accountable. For it not to be business as usual. I thought these goals achievable. I thought we would have a new administration by March 5 just in time to celebrate the long Phagwah weekend.

To say I’m stunned by what has played out is a gross understatement. Calling a spade a spade has been done by all the players. And still the APNU+AFC continues on its merry course thumbing its nose to Honesty, Integrity and Decency. Empty but lofty words gracing the banner of Mr. David Granger during the campaign.

My disappointment isn’t with the fiddling of the elections or the violence that erupted. I strongly condemn both and I understand the nature of the beast. My biggest disappointment and anger is the lack of decency, honesty and integrity from family, friends, colleagues and associates. Where is our decency in ourselves, regardless of race, to say to APNU+AFC: Do the decent thing and abide by the rules? All I see are condescending statements and platitudes. I’m yet to see an APNU+AFC supporter step up to the plate. It would be the decent thing to do. It would be the right and ethical thing to do. It would be the new Guyanese thing to do. We would then start the healing this country so desperately needs. It would be our first baby step to maturity as a nation.

I will not be jaded. I will wait to exhale. I will wait for all Guyanese to find an iota of decency and call out the APNU+AFC to do the right thing. I will wait for history not to repeat itself.

Yours faithfully,

Sadie Amin

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